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Trigger Point
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Sports Massage

We offer a number of massage treatments and each have their own benefits. Sports Massage is the most popular service we offer, please see the benefits below. We also carry out holistic massage which can help reduce stress and tension and is an overall relaxing form of massage, this treatment can be offered in line with any other treatment you may be having. We also offer seated massage. The client can remain fully clothed and we use different techniques to target different area's.

We also now provide female therapists who treat female clients only, book a female therapist at one one of our 2 clinics.


Sports Massage is a type of massage therapy which utilises deep tissue techniques, with the aim of reducing muscular tension, discomfort and pain.
Although sports participants benefit from sports massage, this method of massage isn’t restricted to sports players, as the deep tissue massage techniques can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, such as:

  • Muscular and joint injuries i.e. sprains and strains

  • Postural related pain

  • Headaches

  • Whiplash

  • Golfers and tennis elbow

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Back pain

Typically, sports massage techniques are fast-paced and incorporate stretching and compression movements. A sports massage therapist will use a variety of deep tissue techniques throughout a treatment which involve longitudinal stripping, friction techniques, tapotement and muscle energy techniques such as PNF stretching, active movement and trigger point compression.


The following benefits can be experienced through the application of sports and deep tissue massage techniques:

  • Reduction in muscle tension, muscular pain and discomfort

  • Increased range of motion, leading to enhanced performance.

  • Decreased muscle stiffness and soreness after exercise or physical activity

  • Reduced recovery time post injury

  • Increased levels of relaxation and reduction in physical and psychological stress levels

  • Aids sleep quantity and quality

These benefits are largely the result of an increase in local blood circulation which helps to flush out chemical irritants and waste products which have stored up within the muscle. At the same time, fresh blood flow increases oxygen and nutrient content within the muscle. This in turn can help with muscle repair and leads to a reduction in muscle tension.

Compression techniques can also influence blood flow and nerve reflexes within the muscle, which when stimulated leads to a relaxation effect within the muscle itself.

When a muscle is tight it can irritate nerve receptors within the muscle. This in turn can lead to feelings of muscular pain and discomfort. Therefore, reducing muscular tension can lead to a reduction in nerve irritation and a reduction in muscular pain and discomfort.

Reducing muscular tension and increasing localised blood flow can lead to an increase of range of movement around the associated joint. This is good news for sports and fitness participants as increased range of movement is linked to increased sports performance and reduction in injury rates.

Treatment provided post event, can help to reduce recovery rate through increased circulation, which helps to further reduce the concentration of waste products and increase oxygen and nutrient content within the muscle.
When used to treat a specific injury, massage can help to promote healing, by increasing nutrient and oxygen levels and reducing any excessive swelling associated with injury. Manual massage techniques can also help to align new collagen formation within the muscle, which can lead to improved realignment of scar tissue and a reduction in the risk of re-injury.

What You Get

Fully Bespoke treatment plans in line with your injury or pain. We will not sell you anything you don't need

Unlimited telephone and message support

Appointments in a clean, safe, comfortable and warm environment

Chaperone service available, or bring your own chaperone

Our Sports Therapists are fully trained Personal Trainers so can help with exercise and rehabilitation 

Dedicated app's to manage your rehabilitation plans and appointments 

Loyalty discounts to all of our other services

Covid policies and procedures in place